Research has begun on the project “The Building/Plant System in a Smart Energy Community”, the result of an agreement between the University of Udine and Archest. This activity, supervised by the scientific director of the University, Prof. Paola D’Agaro and Massimiliano Travagini on behalf of Archest, will be carried out by Michele Libralato PhD. The first stage of the project involves developing an integrated dynamic simulation procedure for a case-study building and its systems. The model will include individual components, their mutual interactions and the effect of the local climate. The results of the analyses will lead to the second phase of the activity, whose aim is to define control logic for the building’s subsystems, for load management, and for self-generation in relation to the demand/availability of power and heat networks permitting. The final phase involves validating the model on the basis of data obtained through monitoring energy indicators. By using the simulation tool, this then allows the identification of how to integrate building with a Smart Energy Grid, scope for improvement achievable through correct management of the system, therefore providing useful information for the project commissioning phase, for IBEMS (Intelligent Building Energy Management System) designers and those involved in managing the building. This activity will be supported by the Thermal Systems Lab of Uniud Lab Village, which focuses on simulations for HVAC systems and the experimental study of the hygrothermal behaviour of buildings.