We founded Archest s.r.l. limited company in 2006 following the merging of Artech and Terratest design workshops. The Artech workshops was established in 2004 by a team of professional united since 1991 in the SPI company (Engineering and Architecture service company). The Terratest design workshops was established in 1974 and with time it has matured a remarkable experience in the design and managament of public and private works.
We are an independent company of planners, designers, technical specialist, engineers and consultants with a remarkable experience in the design and management of public and private works.
We offer a broad range of professional services with a height level of quality and in straight coordination between the different specializations.


We create and develop our projects through active cooperation of different high-level professional resources whose skills and experience are in the fields of Architecture, Urban Planning, Engineering and Infrastructure, and Territorial Planning.
Archest Team considers the development of research (technological innovation, architectural quality and sustainability) one of the main approaches to architectural design and engineering.
Archest considers that sustainable approach is to realize zero emission of carbon buildings and architectural quality, urban and social development of buildings designed and built, integrated principles from the very early project phases (concept design) and developed during the project until its construction.
Archest deals with architectural and engineering competitions, taking part in numerous projects and monitoring with very careful integration in the landscape, architecture and urban-environment, architectural and design solutions for the consistency of the concepts of sustainability.


Our Company joints technical and professional resources with height level of skillness, with primary competences in the fields of Architecture, Infrastructures and Engineering for the Design and Consultancy.We will provide complete project solutions, for either public or private clients, from conceptual through working drawings up to the as-built documents, that integrate specific experiences and skills on different specialist branches, as Buildings such as: residential, schools, hospitals and office building, industrial and production plants, sport facilities, urbanizations and city infrastructures, road and rail networks, bridges.We are able to manage complex work teams, consisting of our basic structure and including also non-resident professionals with specific skills and/or operating in the concerned territory, as well as indicated by the Client, so as to improve the necessary co-ordination and synergies. Activities are organized into different working divisions, integrated and coordinated when it is needed: Architecture: Our architect team have a primary experience in building design, either conceptual, basic and detail, site supervision, with the warranty for an hight level af architectural quality and a a particular attention on suitability and low needs of energy.Infrastructures: Our engineers have a deep skinless in bridges, rails and roads design either conceptual, basic and detail supervision.Engineering: Structural, M&EP, conceptual, basic and detail design, general working documentation supervision of projects, construction management, procurement management: tender documents, contract management, general supervision, all this services are made also for architecture and infrastructures projects.
Archest's working groups are "BIM oriented" and follow training courses, for improvement and updating, in "Building Information Modeling" field  to have a better interoperability and integration among different expertise and with external partners.



Progressive building services design involves different engineering skills and Archest has experts in all the disciplines needed to design even the most complex of buildings. The disciplines work closely together within multi-disciplinary design groups, in order to achieve the high degree of integration and co-ordination essential to facilitate the construction process. Fine buildings are created when the aesthetic, functional and technical aspirations are in balance and future operational considerations and maintenance requirements have been considered from the outset. Archest designers are involved in some of most innovative yet practical buildings in existence today.


The pressure for efficiency and buildability in construction has never been so intense. Ever-increasing regulatory and site constraints coupled with the move towards more sculpted architecture have placed new demands on building designers. Archest’s role as structural engineers is to find optimum solutions. With experience and expertise gained from working with some of the world’s most demanding blue-chip clients, our structural engineering team can meet the challenge. We take a ‘whole-building solution’ approach to structural engineering, supporting and challenging the design team to balance the demands of cost, value and programme. This is while keeping the client and project team fully informed, through continuous dialogue, of the implications of alternative design options. Buildability and sustainability go hand-in-hand throughout the design process. Our knowledge of the construction process and our good working relationships with contractors ensure that construction techniques and logistics inform the design from the earliest stages, reducing wastage of materials and time. With our we help to create buildings that are less costly both to the client and the environment over their lifetime.


Infrastructure’s design brings together many of the skills and services available in Archest, from geotechnics, bridge design, rail and highway design. Major infrastructure projects, involve significant investment and require solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, sustainable and delivered in an environment in which risks are managed. Our infrastructure design engineers bring state of the art knowledge in design and materials, included providing comprehensive services from survey, geotechnical/soils, preliminary/final design including hydraulic analysis, environmental permitting, utility and ROW issues. We typically investigate all options for innovative solutions to reduce cost in design, permitting and construction inspection and future maintenance.



Archest believe in "Design and Delivery". In order to assure that our work is of the highest standard, Archest is certified ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 by SGS Italia S.p.A.
Archest is also certified to design in the Russia an Kazakh territory and to have a design company with a local permission.


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