“Parco tematico Floriopoli”, Termini Imerese (Pa): 1° PREMIO di concorso



  • CLIENTE: OYOKO Contractors; LISETTO International
  • PRESTAZIONI ARCHEST: Concept design (with Atolle Srl)
    Proposal for a new Shopping Mall in Kumasi town, Ghana.
    The plot area, on Bantama Road, is descending and the ground level of intervention is below the street level and the access to the mall.
    In the inner court, a food-court with a double level void, there are "three artificial trees" able to regulate air humidity so creating a microclimate area and good conditions for thermal comfort.

    Program and Dimensions:

    Plot Area: 44.000 sqm

    Level -2: Total internal area = 12600 sqm   (storage; park area; lobby)

    Level -1: Total internal area = 12130 sqm   (shops; food court and gallery; supermarket)
    External accomodations: 28750 sqm (parking, roads and distribution, green areas)

    Level 0 (Bantanama Street level): Total internal area = 12320 sqm   (fitness; game store; food; cinema)

    Level +1: Total internal area = 500 sqm   (offices)

    Team Archest:
    Gaetano De Napoli (project architect); Lorenzo Paroni, Sonia Soardo; Massimiliano Travagini (sustainability)