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  • CLIENT: FININT Finanziaria Internazionale Investments SGR s.p.a., Fondo Housing Sociale FVG
  • AMOUNT: EUR 8.460.000,00
  • RENDERED SERVICE: Concept Design, Architectural Design
    The industrial building, Saul Sadoch factory, has been converted into a residential complex, with 83 units, 71 are destined for social housing and 12 for the free market.
    The building consists of two buildings: the main body has 9 levels, ground-floor and basements will be garages with parking spaces and the upper floors host the housing, while the secondary body has 3 floors above ground, intended to accommodate partly housing and partly common social spaces which face a pergola terrace.
    The building was built in the late 50s and represents a testimony of the history of Trieste city, of considerable historical value for the city of Trieste: for this reason the interventions on the existing elevations have been carefully studied, in order to respects the historical memory and to transform it into a contemporary residential structure.
    The supporting structures made of concrete have been entirely maintained, providing only timely restoration interventions, while the existing volume on the seventh floor will be demolished and rebuilt to allow the construction of duplex apartments. The two staircases in the main building will be raised by one floor, adjusting the ramps on the east stairway to the current regulations. Finally, a new floor will be built on the mezzanine floor of the secondary building.
    Sustainability: The level of thermal and acoustic comfort has been taken into high consideration, ensuring the achievement of the energy class B to each residential unit, despite the difficulties represented by the presence of an existing concrete structure and the deep walls.
    Program: residence, renovation of the former "Saul Sadoch" factory
    Size:  sqm 13600
    Project: 2015 – 2018 
    Archest team: 
    Project coordination: engineer Stefano Costantini, arch. Sonia Soardo
    Design team: arch. Lorenzo Paroni, arch. Alessandro Golosetti, arch. Antonio Scagliarini, arch. Eleonora Orsetti, arch. Tommaso Iaiza, arch. Francesco Tessaro, arch. Gaetano De Napoli, geom. Marzia Baracetti, arch. Simone Masotti
    Structural design manager: engineer Stefano Costantini
    Structural design team:  engineer Luigi Terenzani, engineer Giulia Basaldella
    Works supervisor: arch. Roberto Simeon
    Plant design and installation:  Cooprogetti S.C.R.L., ing. Mario Visentin, ing. Maurizio Casoni
    Security:  Cooprogetti S.C.R.L., arch. Pier Nicola Carnier
    Status: ongoing