“Parco tematico Floriopoli” – international competition: 1st PRIZE



  • CLIENT: Sazadezh Construction Company
  • RENDERED SERVICE: Architectural Design, coordination MEP System Design and structures design
  • DESCRIPTION: The project involves the construction of a multifunctional building including three underground levels and ten above ground.
    The total floor area will be of approximately mq. 94,000, including 30,000 sqm. of underground garage, 33,000 sqm. shops and restaurants and 23,000 sqm. of offices. The architectural choices and plant engineering coordination, technological and infrastructure have been shared in every project phase to follow all the specific customer requirements and follow on site with the objective of obtaining a public space where the local tradition meets world cultures.

    Size: 94.000 sqm.

    Project: 2015-2016

    Archest team: Lucio Asquini, Daniele Bazzaro, Tommaso Iaiza

    Status: under construction